Ground Handling Services

Through excellent teamwork and support from our highly developed IT systems and Hand Held Terminals, we provide safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services on the ramp. Our highly trained staff have extensive experience with a wide range of aircraft to ensure total customer satisfaction in all areas of our operations.

From the moment an aircraft is marshaled to the gate until its push-back at departure, our teams are well-equipped to handle both the usual and the extraordinary challenges that come with every flight operation. We provide multiple full sets of wide-body and narrow-body brand new equipment, comprising over 1100 pieces of GSE equipment from proven and respected manufacturers, to service a wide variety of aircraft, including the A380.

On the ramp we provide:

  • Loading and off-loading baggage
  • Interline baggage
  • Cleaning of aircraft cabins and cockpit
  • Cabin Service
  • Marshalling
  • Flight Operations
  • Dispatch
  • Weight & Balance and Load Control
  • Towing
  • Push back
  • Water & Lavatory service
  • Ground power
  • Air start
  • Air-conditioning
  • ULD Control
  • Crew transport

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We are a private free zone airside warehouse operator licensed

in Thailand and abroad.

Cargo Handling Services

Our facilities are designed to ensure the fastest, most convenient transit through the airport. We provide state-of-the-art facilities with brand new equipment, including an automated air cargo pallet handling system with two elevating transfer vehicles providing storage for 500 aircraft pallets.

The cargo terminal represents an investment of about US$38 million and extends over 55,000 sq.m. With a fully secured, access-controlled environment protected by CCTV coverage, the terminal handles around 450,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

Specialist handling of high-value goods, outsized cargoes, dangerous goods, radioactive goods, and live animals is also provided. Additionally, there is a temperature-controlled perishables center with six different cold rooms.

Cargo Special Handling

BOA Cargo service levels are customer-driven, with an emphasis on accepting and handling your cargo product with zero defects throughout the entire logistic process.

Special Handling Cargo (SHC) such as perishable products (PER), pharmaceutical products, live animals (AVI), high-value products (VAL), Dangerous Goods (DGR), and vulnerable products (VUN) are handled according to our customers' specific requirements and monitored continuously to ensure a consistent service level. Special segregated operational teams are trained and assigned to handle cargo on a daily basis.